Friday 29th December 2017
Hello, I hope everybody had a really enjoyable Christmas and thank you to everyone who follows or has visited my website. There will be a couple of big changes for 2018…

Firstly - Over the past few years my style has changed. Going back quite a few years and my images were notoriously dark and moody, followed by a long period of heavily saturated with high contrast, over the last couple of years though I have developed a softer and less colourful style. Throughout this progression there has always been a splattering of Black & White images and going back to my pre-digital days I always used to carry a camera body around loaded with Ilford Black & White film.

I like to challenge myself, most noticeably back in 2015 when I decided to go purely square format. So time for another challenge! This time I have decided to concentrate solely on Black & White photographs for the entire year of 2018 – wish me luck!

Second change – I have hit my 50’s and the long overdue realisation that I will never be able to make a living as a landscape photographer! So time to move away from using my website as an income stream and instead time to start using it to help the progression of next generation of Duckett! Therefore I am splitting the website into two. One half will be to showcase me John Duckett whilst the other half will be to help encourage my son Oliver Duckett to enjoy and develop his photography even further. I’m not being a pushy parent in this honest, Ollie loves his photography and for a 9 year old he is getting rather good at it to boot!

Once again everyone thank you for following or visiting my website during 2017, please visit me again in 2018. And finally I wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Monday 3rd July 2017
Thought it about time I checked in...

... Must admit though, as usual not much to say really. One piece of news is I've decided to enter the 'Take A View' competition again. Back in 2011 I was lucky enough to have an image included in not only the book but also the London exhibition. Then in 2012 and 2013 nothing, not even shortlisted! Well after a 3 year break not only have I've entered again, but more importantly I've enter young Ollie. This is his first photographic competition and he is very excited about being entered. I have warned him though, he is 8 and in a national competition with young people up to 18 years old. Bless him, he's just chuffed to have been entered.

Hopefully father and son will do well in this year's competition, albeit I am really really wishing that Ollie gets an image shortlisted - fingers crossed! Here is one of his entries... To see more of his work here's a link to his section of the website Oliver Duckett Photography He really has got some cracking images, but don't take my word for it!

Tuesday 20th December 2016
Merry Christmas everyone! A big thank you to everyone who has supported my photography during 2016.

I am please to announce that I am working on adding 3 new galleries to my website. These are 'Urban', shots taken in and around cities, towns and villages. The picture below is an example of what to expect and was taken in Gentlemans Walk, Norwich a couple of weeks ago. The next is trees, speaks for itself really. As does the third, Black & White, a collection of my favorite black and white photographs from the galleries on my website.

These new galleries should appear shortly but in the meantime - A very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you all.

***NOTE: - (July 2017) As you'll notice that didn't happen did it! Gave it a go though but the site looked way way too busy and cluttered with that many galleries.***

Saturday 10th September 2016
Ollie the little star... Still only 7 years old and this is his latest offering. Taken at Tiverton in Devon whilst stopping overnight on our way down to Cornwall. I am one seriously chuffed dad! As with all his best stuff this is available from his Oliver Duckett Photography page on the website as a 6"x4" print for the pocket money price of just £1.

Monday 29th August 2016
I know its been ages since my last blog (over 7 months!) but after what has been the longest break in my photography career (brought about by the largest confidence wobble also in my photography career) I am refreshed and rearing to go. And just in time for my favourite season autumn. There are some darn fine and successful photographers out there but I need to stop looking at the work they churn out and concentrate on what I want to do!

Don't get me wrong the last 7 months haven't been full of depression and wallowing in self pity - far from it. The break has been brilliant, with many a happy hour spent with family and friends. Although not taking photographs I had been working a bit and during this time I have rekindled my relationship with the Norfolk Gallery at Wroxham Barns and discovered a new product that sells well... A framed 4" miniature! Thank you Jeanette - for your faith in selling my work! Jeanette has also been kind enough to put Ollie's work in her gallery, and the little fella has sold 2 framed prints so far. I am one seriously proud dad!

Website. I have revised the website again and have started the process of hopefully giving it a cleaner less cluttered appearance... which means the images will probably be losing their virtual frames!

Finally I have some latest additions to add to the site soon. Here is one, taken in Cornwall earlier this month whilst on holiday in Mary... Oh yes in the last 7 months we have also sold 'George' the Bongo and brought a larger, more comfortable campervan called 'Mary'!

Monday 25th January 2016
I have a helper, Young Ollie!
My son Ollie really really wanted to help me with my photography so between us we came up with a cunning plan. Ollie now has his own little gallery on my website and the little fella is absolutely chuffed to bits to be part of what I do! His gallery is for his work only and only he gets to choose which of his photos goes on (hence the first two photos being of cuddly toys!). That look on Ollie’s little face when he saw his photos on my website forthe first time was just brilliant! And not only that, but as all his photos are for sale at £1 each he can earn some pocket money too! And not only that (again - I know appalling grammar), but I had a meeting with Jeanette and David at the Norfolk Gallery at Wroxham Barns yesterday and being such lovely people they’ve asked Ollie to exhibit one of his photos at their gallery! … I just love being a Dad!
Here's a link to his page Oliver Duckett Photography

Ollie getting 'photographer's knee' yesterday (wet and muddy), Mummy is so happy - she has two of us now! Ollie's photo of a Hellebore will soon be in his gallery (and up for sale Nannies and Grandads!).

Sunday 17th January 2016
Well Happy New Year everyone. Been awhile again, My 50th birthday back in November was brilliant, spoilt rotten by my family, and made me realise how many good friends I have. Christmas, again brilliant, albeit short, as didn't get much time away from work. Anyway we are now well and truly into 2016.

2016 started off with a surprisingly high tax bill for what I thought was such a quite year! This is the year I'm going to go for it again. My best year ever was 2010... But with any luck and lots of hard work 2016 will eclipse it!

last weekend I had my first shoot of the year and went to Happisburgh... Couldn't believe the number of Togs about (by heck photography is becoming a ever more crowded market place!). Anyway got a shot I'm pleased with:

Photograph of the sunrise at Happisburgh on the Norfolk Coast

Friday 16th October 2015
As you may have noticed the galleries have now reverted back to how they were, by location. Next step and I need to populate each image with where to was taken, when it was taken, a wee bit of technical stuff about the camera and settings and possibly an insight as to why I took the shot in the first place.

Then something I’m looking forward to a new project for those long dark winter evenings, won’t give away too many details yet but… I first made a tentative move to digital in around 2003, when I brought a Fuji S602 bridge camera to use alongside my film bodies. Around a year later I ditched the film cameras altogether and moved to purely digital with a Fuji s2 pro (today still one of the best cameras I’ve ever owned). This camera severed me well for a few years until 2007 when I moved back to Canon (who’s film cameras I used to use) and a 30D coupled with a Sigma 10-20mm. In 2009 I upgraded to a Canon 5D (waving goodbye to my much loved 10-20). I then took over a well looked after 1Ds MkII (which I still use) and finally moving back to Fuji 18 months ago and an X-Pro1.

Why tell you all this, simple! Every time digital cameras improve the pressure is always on to move with it and upgrade (something I’ve always tried my hardest to resist – so much so I might even be tempted to buy another s2 pro if I can find a decent one!). A consequence to all this and despite some of my old s2 pro files printing to 4ft wide, is every time I upgrade to a newer camera the pressure is on to stop selling images from my old cameras…

… Anyway, I said I won’t give away too many details – which I think I might have just done!!!

Thursday 8th October 2015
Has it really been nearly 4 months since my last blog…

Well - George the ‘Bongo’ has been on his travels again since my last blog, this time Alison, Ollie and myself spent 2 weeks in George travelling around Scotland. From Loch Lomond onto Glen Nevis, quick stop at Loch Ness to throw stones at Nessie (sorry Nessie!), then onto my Beloved Isle of Skye, off Skye to Arisaig, into Glen Coe and finally home via Seahouses in Northumberland. A brilliant brilliant holiday, with memories Ollie will never forget (including hitting Nessie on the head with a stone, apparently!) The two images below are from the trip. Arisaig and Fairy Pools on Skye.

In other news… Thinking of changing the website again and reverting back from generic galleries to galleries based on location (i.e. Norfolk, Suffolk, Scotland etc.), why – because I think people tend to buy images of areas they feel affiliated with rather than just generic landscape/seascape (recent sales seem to support this ) . Also thinking of reducing the number of images again, rationale this time being with too many thumbnails on a page or too many pages in a gallery then you the viewer will suffer from thumbnail overload and just not bother to look at the actual images. What do you think, am I correct on both counts?

And Finally with England out of the Rugby World Cup… Come on Ireland!

Friday 12th June 2015
Very quick update and run today I'm afraid. - I'm afraid, what am I on about, bet nobody even reads these things anyway!

One - had a cracking family Tour de Yorkshire in the campervan a couple of weeks ago (George the Bongo!). The image below was taken late at night on the steps in Whitby, after the family had gone to bed. And I had to sleep in the awning that night so I didn't wake them up coming back in again!

Two - brought a Fuji to Canon lens converter so I can use my 70-200L Canon lens on my X-pro 1. Brillaint fun, totally manual and with a manual aperture in the converter some great vignetting effects too!

Three - off storm chasing on the Norfolk Coast tonight - fingers crossed!

Friday 8th May 2015
Right then, time to knuckle down, put some work in again and get out there in the land of 'jobbing photographer'. I haven't done an exhibition or craft fair for nigh on 4 years now and for the last year to 18 months I've neglected my outlets in Burnham Deepdale and Wroxham!
First job is (if they'll have me), get new stock in these 2 outlets. Second job is find new outlets elsewhere in Norfolk. If you happen to be proprietor and are interested in stocking my work please contact me! Three is line up some craft fairs and exhibitions for this year and next. Four, workshops have also been neglected so get them up and running again with dates for later this year and next. Finally,being a Norfolk Bouy through and through and because they sell,concentrate on building up a stock of new Norfolk images (both in print and here on the website)!

So, to concentrate on Norfolk images (and earn some proper money again) it's time to sign off from images taken outside Norfolk (for awhile at least!). To sign off with it seems apt to use an image of my very favourite location on this wee Planet Earth of ours - Elgol on the Isle of Skye:

Friday 5th March 2015
Been ages since me last blog (again)!

Christmas and New Year have been and gone, diet started (and going particular well if I do say so myself – lost over a stone!), weather starting to warm up and spring flowers starting to come out.

Photography news –
The big news is the joint workshops with Kate Barclay are back on, and will start up again on the Norfolk Coast this autumn (dates to be announced). In smaller news I have a dilemma. May this year could see the demise of my website – why? – Because sales this year are poor and monies from sales aren’t looking as if they’ll cover the yearly renewal of the website. That’s two months off so I won’t panic yet (much)! Real shame though as this August will see my 10th anniversary of being a Landscape Photographer, maybe I should start doing exhibitions and shows again rather than just relying on the website for sales, we’ll see? And in even smaller news I need a telephoto lens for what is rapidly becoming the only camera I take out with me, the little X-pro 1. Sorely tempted to trade in my Canon L 17-40mm and 70-200mm lenses for one and just leave the little 50mm lens on the 1DS. I’ll let you know what happens in me next blog. (yes that does mean I meant to type ‘me’ at the start of this ;-)

Other news –
None really, other then it’s amassing how losing a stone in weight can make you feel the cold more. For the first time in years spring can’t come soon enough!

And Finally “I still recon this will look nice as a 5"x5" print for only £4.99!!!"

River Thurne on the Norfolk Broads

Thursday 4th December 2014
Early I know but - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone..! And a big thank you to everyone who's supported me though what has been my 9th year as a landscape photographer. Yes hard to believe but next August's Aylsham show will be my 10th anniversary!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday both past me by without so much as a sniff of an order. To try and address this, and in case anybody is looking for a stocking filler - or Secret Santa prezzie for that matter, I have added a standard 5”x5” print to my range – Available at just £4.99 each!

Christmas deliveries – Please order by midnight 9th December to get delivery in time for Christmas.

"Personally I recon this will look nice as a 5"x5" print - and only £4.99!!!"

Monday 10th November 2014
Seascape Gallery split into two!

Anyone visiting my website will see that seascapes are by far my favourite subject matter problem is this gallery has now grown too big. Only option was to split it into two, especially that is, after just returning from a rather prolific trip to the South Devon coast a couple of weeks ago (3 images now on the site – another half dozen to follow!).

I have now split the Seascape gallery as follows;

Norfolk & North
Suffolk & South

Meadfoot Beach - from my recent trip to Devon Coast;

Friday 17th October 2014
Square format photography – First success!

A quick blog and run I’m afraid but just had to share this! It was only July when I decided to concentrate on square format and here we are mid-October and my first big commercial success. The phone snap below is of a large print ready and waiting to be hung in the Chief Executive’s office at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.

A big thank you too;
Emma Jarvis – Hospital Arts for sugguesting me.
Chris Ball – GGS Photographic for the amazing quality of the print.
Lee Smith – Norwich Frame Workshop for the superb job you’re done.

Monday 29th September 2014
Square format photography – here to stay!

Just over 2 months since my last blog and I’m please to say the move over to square format is a success, Although, I could always do with a few more sales (STARTING AT JUST £8.99 FOR AN 8x8" PRINT – hint hint). I’m up to 99 images on the website now so I think it’s about time to reintroduce a ‘Recent Additions’ gallery again. Another new introduction will be gift vouchers, although I’m still deciding whether or not these should be monitory or one for each format of print.

Other news, and equipment – as much as I love the 1DS I find myself using the little Fuji more and more now. This is mainly because the Fuji supplies me with a square format RAW file and allows me to see square compositions through the view finder, things the old 1DS cannot do! At the moment I still use the 1DS but now mainly because the only telephoto lens I own is a Canon one, as we speak though I’m looking into part exchanging this Canon lens for a telephoto Fuji X mount lens.

Finally – a thank you. A big thank you to everyone who has stuck with me through my transition to square format photography. Your support is invaluable.

Thursday 24rd July 2014
Square format photography! The re-branding has ramped up a notch!

Header page banner, tick!
Arty wording on how I feel about square added to home page, tick!
Old work cleared out and new galleries added with first few square images, tick!
Square images up for sale, STARTING AT JUST £9.99 FOR AN 8x8" PRINT, BIG TICK!
'Purchase your print', 'Workshops' and 'commercial' pages, not ticked, but working on them. Oh yes and another big big job yet to do.... Titles, locations and descriptions for the photos, gulp!

Well that's it then I've only gone and done it, no going back, I've gone square format! Please bear with me though as it will take awhile to grow the number of images on the site. At the moment the number of images is just over 30 but this will grow, honest, so please keep coming back!

Wednesday 23rd July 2014
Square format photography! The re-branding has begun!

The first 5 square format images are now on the homepage of this site and the first 30 are in hidden galleries ready to go live! Next step, the homepage banner and the price details page! The number of days left until it all goes live is now firmly down to single figures so please pop back soon..!

Tuesday 15th July 2014
Square format photography was limited in the past as only medium format film cameras were capable of producing a 6x6cm negative. Now though, with digital cameras, a square format photograph is only a matter of cropping.

To me there does remains an art to the square format, as although to the viewer the composition can seem simpler to the photographer the stronger use of lines, loss of the rule of thirds and the change in the way the eye moves around the image all present challenges when trying to seeing a shot that works.

My photography has changed (again), I am now fully embracing the challenge of the square format photograph, I have dabbled with it in the past and loved it(and if you visited my website a year or two back you would have found a gallery dedicated to square) but this time it is more serious. When I first started out in photography I had a style all to myself albeit, it was way too dark and moody for some. Over the years and for way too long now my photography has been a compromise between what I like and what is commercial. Ok I admit, they were dark looking back and I don’t regret changing that aspect of my work, but what I do regret is dropping square format purely for commercial reasons. For too long now I have just been one of a multitude of landscape photographers all producing similar work. I have lost my identity.

So here goes… Square format here I come…

Watch this space!

Thornham on the North Norfolk Coast

Thursday 10th July 2014
Been doing much sole searching of late and have made a decision to completely change tact!

Go on goggle maps, magnify to just one street level and I bet you bottom dollar if you were to knock on doors you'll find at least half a dozen people either selling photographs, looking to sell photographs or happy to give work to magazines for free just to get in print! I've been a commercial landscape photographer for nigh on 10 years now and my place in the marketplace has been squeezed and squeezed and squeezed some more... Enough! I need a niche!! So in the next few weeks this site, and the work on it, will undergo some huge changes... 'nough said for now! You'll see though, if you're kind enough to come back and visit my site again in the near future.

I can't go without first saying a big thank you to Mr Jon Gibbs though. Recently went down to Dungeness in Kent with young Jon for a weekend of photography. Brilliant time, lots of nice images and thoroughly good company to boot. Roll on the next time!

Tuesday 27th May 2014
Sorry been awhile again! Not Facebook's fault, this time its Masterchef followed by Chelsea Flower Show!

NEWS- I’ve slightly revamped the galleries on the website to allow for a new one to be added, ‘Architecture’. You’ll now find the images of Norfolk’s countryside have been amalgamated with images of the Norfolk Broads and windmills to make one gallery. This makes way for The new gallery Architecture . This new gallery is the result of a visit to London a couple of days ago! As architecture shots don’t need massive depth of field or ND grad filters for skies I don’t need to lug the big old Canon and tripod round the streets with me. Plan is to use the little Xpro-1 handheld. Turns out I like architecture shots, unlike landscapes you don’t need to get up at stupid O’clock for the light, the weight of your camera gear isn’t hernia inducing and shelter from the rain or sun is always close at hand. Not to mention the pubs!

Tuesday 14th January 2014
Sorry been awhile again! Facebook's fault, spend more time on there then my blog page now!

I’ve always loved photographing abstracts and details working with narrow depth of field but other than a splattering of images in my The Art Gallery section I haven’t really spent much time doing this commercially, the reason, equipment. Once secured on top of a tripod with some expensive Lee glass planted over the front a 1ds is an amazing camera for landscapes but as soon as you start lugging the beast around for handheld detail shots it soon becomes very heavy and cumbersome, so to be honest unless I’m on a planned shoot it stays at home. I now have the answer I am the proud owner of a small, light, mirror less camera which still gives commercially useable images and can be carried anywhere;

I’ve had a Fuji Xpro-1 for just over a week now and so far have only taken a few test shots to set the thing up but… I’m in love with it already; the images from the 18mm lens are unbelievably crisp and in my opinion surpass the quality of my Canon L lenses. I have a 35mm f1.4 lens due soon and can’t wait to see what that produces! The camera itself reminds me so much of film cameras of old, which to be honest is why I think I like it so much, ok it takes some adjusting to. No more being lazing working with a zoom, using the exposure composition dial rather than the shutter speed one as that is awkward to get to one handed, readjusting to having an aperture ring on the lense again after so many years, electronic viewfinder (if you want to see what the lens is seeing) slow read rate but, despite all that I am well and truly smitten.

Watch this space, as soon as I get out and about with it the images will start to appear on the site.

Tuesday 5th November 2013
Good news bad news

Bad news first. Just had the worst monthly sales from an outlet yet, month of October £14.50, out of which I need to take off cost of materials and then take a further 25% off for the tax man… Another 3 or 4 months like that and I’ll be able to pay for the petrol I used taking the stock there in the first place!

Good news next. The Chief Executive of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital has chosen 4 of my images to use for the postcards she sends on behalf of the hospital.

Other news now. Still using the old 1ds mkII (which I absolutely love) but I really must start putting aside some of my photography income towards newer technology. Yet again when running a workshop I found myself drooling over the ease of large screens and live view!

Went to Horsey at the weekend, this part of the coast is rapidly becoming a favourite location. The grasses on the dunes are full of opportunities but you really need to work for a composition. Hopefully I found some, but I won’t really know until I catch up on the old processing pile.

Hopefully this month I’ll get into Norwich for some night time shots, could do with another pair of eyes though (the 1ds maybe old but it looks expensive and it’s the only camera I use… So don’t want it nicked). Any fellow photographers out there fancy an evening shot in Norwich sometime soon?

One of the 4 images chosen for NNUH postcards – Sunrise at Thornham

Monday 23rd September 2013
Interesting weekend…

Now I know I’m getting old! Had a workshop on Sunday and it was sunny, so had to wear sunglasses, awkward when needing to look at the display on a client’s camera. Now then not that long ago I went for the cool trendy option and put my sunglasses on my head when looking at the camera but not now... Oh no! Sunday I found myself pulling my sunglasses down my nose and peering over them! I’m officially an old bloke.

Saturday, needed to sort a print for the living room (the beloved snow at Blickling Lake canvas has been up for years and needs to be replaced!), Wifey wanted something from further afield then Norfolk, no problem I thought, got loads all ready to go… Really struggled to find one though so in the end had to process one from Skye a couple of years ago.

Liberating..! Because of a recent wedding shoot and the quantity of large files to be processed I had to delete my entire library of processed images held in Lightroom. Brilliant as it turns out! I now have a clean slate and all those images I played with in the past but never used are back in there, in the raw, and awaiting another visit and another fresh attempt at processing.

Finally a couple of signs I’ve seen recently that tickled me;

“Buy One Get One” – Seen on a pizza take-away in Norwich. Not the bestest deal I’ve ever seen!

“**** *******, Shop Fitters to the Retail Industry” – Really! And exactly what other industry would need a shop fitter!

Talisker Bay, soon to be seen in the living room at Duckett Towers

Friday 23rd August 2013
At the beginning of the year I thought, blow it! Writing a blog is lonely… I write what I’m thinking and get nothing back from those reading it! I know I thought, Facebook! People can comment back on there.

Well I’ve been on Facebook since January and if fact will continue to be so (170 odd likes in 8 months ain’t bad so people must like my work), there is a problem though! Don’t know why but I can’t seem to write my thoughts in the same depth on Facebook as I used to in my blog (probably down to the thought that people CAN comment back after all!)

So… My Blog is back…First entry needs to be brief whilst I get my eye back in so to speak so, in short;

• Over a year now and still missing where I used to live like mad. Cringleford is nice but…
• My 5D died in an argument with a concrete floor. A huge thank you to my mate Jon Gibbs as I’m now using a 1ds mkII.
• Missing craft fairs so may start up again next year.
• Website now renamed ‘Visions of Norfolk’
• Got a Lee 10 stopper
• Sales slow!

Back again soon..!

(Below is a Lee 10 stopper shot.)


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Thursday 27th September 2012
Has it really been over 3 months since my last blog! What can I say 3 months now seems a lifetime ago, then I was living in the middle of nowhere with huge views, amazing skies and stunning sunrises. Now I live on a new development with huge walls, amazing roofs and stunning sunrises (reflected in the surrounding windows!). Oh well I know it was the sensible thing to do – roll on that lottery win though.

With moving house and moving my son to his new nursery there’s been little time for photography of late, other then a trip to the Yorkshire Coast to get my eye back in ready for the autumn workshops starting soon (still a few spaces left if you’re interested). Saltwick Bay is a real must at low tide, typically of my planning it was high tide around sunrise for the whole week I was there. Did get my shot though, but Black Nab does look like a dot on the horizon.

Other photography news and my trusty old Canon 5D is overdue for an upgrade, trouble is looking at the current offerings from Canon I can’t see what with. After years and years with Canon I am getting sorely tempted to jump ship to Nikon and their amazing D800….

Saltwick Bay (under water!)

Thursday 21st June 2012
Yippee, better now – at last you all say, the grumpy old git has cheered up!

The new website is going great guns (although sales could always be better, much better in fact!) and this new idea of only having one hundred images for sale and not having them in geographic galleries has really taken the pressure off. When I go out now I have a completely different mindset. I only want one good shot and only if it’s better then one of the one hundred I’ve already got on the website. If I don’t get it ho hum, never mind, maybe next time. Really am happy and enjoying my photography again!

None photography news. My new favourite film, replacing ‘Wall-e’ (which was also down to my 3 year old) is ‘Flushed Away’ a real belter! I could watch it again and again (and again thanks to my 3 year old son – I have!)

Moving house soon, I hope! We are moving from the peace and quite of the countryside to the great metropolis of Norwich. No more 40 odd quid a week on petrol, closer to work, schools, grandparents, friends, bus services, shops, take aways and pubs! so I know it’s the sensible thing to do – Hate being sensible!

Back to photography again. A shot taken on Saturday evening, and taken with my wifey standing next to me… Thank you darling, love you!

Thursday 17th May 2012
Been ages since I’ve blogged – basically cos not much to say really…

My apologies, my blog of the 23rd March… Well I spoke too soon – it didn’t work! Strange thing the mind – still haven’t got my passion back, and because of it am feeling less and less like a proper photographer now. I really hope my new website venture works and it gives me the huge kick up the bottom I need at the moment...

Did get out with the camera a couple of times recently though. Happisburgh, ok shots but do I really need more images from here!!! And Bluebells – which I am happy with…

Friday 23rd March 2012
It's been 2 months since my last blog - reason, really couldn't get motivated, photography wise that is. But I now know why. Basiclly I need to take a break from landscape. Ever since returning from Skye I really have struggled to get excited about photography, and to be honest have taken the grant total of 1 photo in nearly 5 months..! I didn't know it till a couple of hours ago but I need to leave landscapes alone for a while.

I now know what I need to do - detail shots, narrow depth of field stuff and telephoto shots. I really am excited again, motivated again and back in love with photography again... Of course I will return to my comfit zone of landscapes but not until I'm passionate about them again. I'm sorry but I need to take images because I want too and not simply because I feel I should..!

Wednesday 25th January 2012
Masterchef or no Masterchef I decided to get this particular monkey of my back - I’ve decided – Image number 1000 is Ta Daa, Rannoch Moor - which to be honest was the next image to be processed from November’s Scotland trip anyway! I can hardly believe where the time’s gone, the image on the left is no 0001, processed back in November 2004 when I had a social life, the housework, DIY and gardening where all up to date, a holiday was a holiday, weekends where to be enjoyed and the marketplace wasn’t half as saturated with photographers as it is now. The image on the right is no 1000, taken in November 2011. That means an average of nearly 12 images a month for 7 years! Add in 3 books, lots and lots of craft shows and lots of workshops and I think it’s about time I did some serious thinking…..Again!

Tuesday 24th January 2012
A belated Happy New Year too you all, can hardly believe January is nearly over already.

Been a struggling of late – since returning from the stunning Isle of Skye in November I haven’t taken one single photo… Somehow a damp dull Norfolk really doesn’t cut it for me at the moment!

Another problem has been what image do a process next! You see, the thing is I’m a sentimental old sole and the next image I process will be number 1000 so I want to make it something a bit special. I’ve already alluded to my current lake of inspiration and with no decent haw frosts or snow due for Norfolk I can’t see me taking anything new for awhile. That leaves the archives, plenty of images still yet to be processed, but what do I choose. Norfolk (where I live), Scotland (my favourite location), a close-up (just too prove I can!)… Decisions, decisions… I’ve narrowed it down to one of two (I think, maybe three!) It will be either one of my favourite Norfolk locations, Happisburgh. Or a place in Scotland I’ve driven through time and time again buy only photographed properly for the first time in November, Rannoch Moor. (Or possible some orange buoys in a fishing net!)………

Other news – Tax return done, 2012 craft show invites coming in thick and fast, workshops time of year well and truly upon me, and finally I have a cunning plan for a new contemporary sister website.

One thing for certain though – until Masterchef is no longer on the telly not much will be getting done in the evenings in the Duckett household!

Monday 12th December 2011
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone..!

Been really busy of late so haven’t had much time to keep the old blog up to date, and to be honest still haven’t, but I just had to wish you all a Merry Christmas…

Just finished my last craft fair of the year yesterday with mixed feelings; Bad – no more money coming in from that source for awhile. Good – no more hearing (or more accurately overhearing!) the following;
“Yours are as good as this love, you should start selling them”
“Look, I’ve taken a picture exactly the same as this haven’t I”
“Maybe I should starting selling mine, my friends and family are always saying how good they are”
“They’re obviously done on the computer”

Off now to catch up on some processing of Isle of Skye images followed by a break from photography to enjoy a family Christmas so, until next year, a big thank you for reading my blog, have a great holiday season everyone, and see you all next year for a continuation of the grumpiness you’ve all become accustom to reading….

Wednesday 16th November 2011
This time last week I had just crossed over to the Isle of Skye, having already captured Rannoch Moor and Glen Etive on the way up and was about to debark on one of the best photo shoots I’ve ever experienced, 3 days of stunning locations, great weather, and the company of both Jon Gibbs and Dennis Bromage.

The experience really made me realise how lazy I had become when composing a shot, made me realise how impatient I had become when waiting for the right light, made me realise how ruddy expensive petrol has become (long way from Norfolk to The Isle of Skye)…

…and more then anything really made me realise how much I love my wife and son, and how much I miss them when I’m away! (Psst won’t stop me doing it again though…)

Note to self: - Slow down for pity’s sake – One good shot is a million times better then half a dozen mediocre ones.

Tuesday 25th October 2011
Well, that feels ruddy good I must say!

I am absolutely delighted that one of my images has been commended in the 2012 Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition, not only that but the image will also appear in the Landscape Photographer of the year Collection 5 book due out at the end of this month and will feature in an exhibition at the National Theatre in London which runs from 5th December 2011 till 28th January 2012. I had to read the email a couple of times just in case I read it wrong – but yes it did read ‘had been’ rather then hadn’t!

Wednesday 12th October 2011
Hello – been awhile.

I’m a very happy, nah privileged little fella. I’m off to the Isle of Skye for a few days on a photography trip sometime soon, that’s a treat in itself, but better then that I’ll be in the company of 3 renowned landscape photographers, Mr Jon Gibbs, Mr Adam Burton and Mr Dennis Bromage. This will be the first time I’ve ever managed to travel purely for the reason of photography. And I can’t wait!

Sunday I experimented – Now I’m not normally the one for odd camera effects (well not on purpose anyway) but on Sunday I was with Kate Barclay at Holkham (we should have been running a workshop but that was rained off earlier in the day (don’t worry, those on it will be coming along on a different date and it was their choice to abandon!)), anyway I digress (and have used far too many brackets already…ah, see what I mean). Anyway following Kate’s suggestion I tried an effect caused by zooming out whilst the shutter was open and to be honest was quite surprised by the result. If you zoom too far for too long then yes the image looks really weird but I’m quite chuffed by this one – not sure whether I’ll put it up for sale though….

Friday 23rd September 2011
I recently uploaded the shot below to an on-line photography site (why be coy – the site was Ephotozine) and it had the effect of finishing off a good run of well received work. But;

The blown out highlight is deliberate, as is the aperture which gave the rays of light and dof on the castle, as is the exposure which was a trade off between having the intense light very large in the shot or the dice very dark and losing the red colour all together as well as only having a silhouette of the castle, the composition is also deliberate – I didn’t want the sun behind the dice as for me the shot would have lost it’s eye-catchingness, if indeed that’s a word!

I used to take this type of shot all the type a few years ago, admittedly with film, and to be honest I’m chuffed how well my digital sensor copped with this. The shot may still not be everyone’s cup of tea which is fine, honest, but because it was technically a very difficult shot to get right I just wanted to make it clear that the image is deliberate and that hopefully I do know what I’m doing.

I hope the reaction it got on EPZ is not a reflection on what’s possible with HDR and computer manipulation and how much better it could have looked… because that’s not what I do… Yes I shoot in Raw and yes I process my images but I’m proud of the fact I’ve never used layers, HDR, weird filters or dropped in a sky to make an image from 2 shots in my life and I never will! To my mind there’s two schools of landscape photography out there these days – Firstly the ‘Conditions aren’t right but I can fix that latter in the computer’ school and secondly, and the one I’m proud to be a member of, the ‘Conditions aren’t right so I’ll do the best I can and if it doesn’t work I’ll come back another time’ school.

Wednesday 14th September 2011
Just got back from Northumberland, and finally got a few shots of Bamburgh I’m happy with, a nice series of pre-dawn, dawn and sunrise… captured Lindisfarne when last up there in 2008, now captured Bamburgh, but the elusive Dunstanburgh still frustrates me. Yet again this year I could only attempt it midday with flat sea and the tide nearly in… Oh well!

Had an extremely poor Aylsham show this year, thought last year was bad but this year only took half of that! I put it down to a change in the type of stalls in the surrounding area – it used to be all good quality crafty stuff, not this year – army surplus opposite me, mobile phone accessories close by and a stall flogging cheap and nasty large canvas prints for £12.99 not to far away to the left. Unfortunately after 6 years I think this year was my last.


Ps whilst at Bamburgh meet a fellow tog by the name of Peter Stevens. A superb style of work all on his own and his site is well worth a look,

And finally here they are – pre-dawn, dawn and sunrise(my personnel favourite!)

Thursday 18th August 2011
If you haven’t read my previous blog you probably won’t get this, but - Ta Daa, Thornham post shots..!

Tuesday 16th August 2011
Done it – I've finally got my head straight, and it was quite simple in the end…. And a big thank you is owed to John Perriment, a photographer I was lucky enough to meet on one of our workshops last year.

“Landscape photographers don’t do it just because they want to, they have to; it’s part of their constitution, it’s in their blood. I’ll wager you can’t go anywhere without noticing the light, looking at the sky to see what’s happening or mentally framing a composition.” A quote taken directly from an email I received from John, which together with a great shoot at Thornham finally made me realise what I had been missing – I love landscape photography and no way can I stop, but, and it’s a big but (so tempted to put double t but managed to resist!) what I need to remember is I take pictures because I love it, if other people like my images and if I make money from it it’s a bonus and nothing more. Basically what will be will be! I am first and foremost a hobbyist and as soon as I forget this pretence about being a professional the better. I need to remember there is no kudos in the words ‘professional’ or ‘full-time’ – I’m in a visual field for pity’s sake, I need to enjoy what I do and just let my work speak for it’s self (or not as the case may be)..!

Anyway enough of that – Thornham, after what seems like years of trying I finally got a shot of those wonderful old posts I like. My mate and colleague Kate Barclay and I went to Thornham Sunday morning – dawn was rubbish, sunrise didn’t happen – and then, the sky started to break colour started to form and the tide came in perfectly for the posts…

It’s at this point you the reader normally gets ‘and here it is, a shot taken at bla bla – and you will – but just not yet. The images from Sunday are still sitting on the memory card, as soon as I get them processed they’ll be added to the ‘Recent Additions’ gallery, and of course, one will find it’s way onto the blog…

Thursday 28th July 2011
Had a great weekend just gone – a good friend of mine hit the big 60 and had a bash in his home town of Caernarvon to celebrate (glad to say I’m now 2 decades behind him, albeit half way through one of them!) Friday night was off to his place where as usual both he and his wife Mo were the perfect hosts, and the homebrew elderflower champagne went down a treat – cheers JJ.

Saturday after a hearty breakfast in the tent, yes to save money Ali and myself stayed on a campsite 10 minutes from the town centre – turns out we were a group of 14 mates from Norfolk in the end so much merriment and ale was enjoyed by all. Anyway as I was saying Saturday morning we drove into Snowdonia – got a couple of shots, which, I thought, wasn’t too bad for midday and harsh light, followed by a cracking lunch. That evening was the main birthday do – in the Welsh Royal Yacht club no less. The view of the sun setting behind Anglesey from the balcony was stunning.

The weekend and meeting up with friends (some of which haven’t been seen for a couple of years) has again really made me think about the large part photography now plays in my life – and where to go from here… It also made me think about the sacrifices I’ve made over the past few years. I have a difficult decision to make – do I pull back a bit (from craft shows and workshops mainly) and become too skint to see friends or carry on and not have time to catch up with them anyway… Tell you what rather then effectively doing 2 jobs life would be an awful lot easier if I had the bottle (and skill) to go professional. Or maybe I should just give up completely!!!

Anyway here’s a shot from the weekend – Llynnau Mymbyr near Capel Curig

Thursday 20th July 2011
Really am on a rollercoaster again at the moment and whether you read this drivel or not it’s a great release for me!

Friday night was off to Bacton to photograph the gas terminal at night against a client’s brief – Very large guards with guns so unless like me you’re lucky enough to have permission too don’t even think about trying to photograph the place. Got 3 decent images and the client liked all 3 – felt like a proper commercial photographer. Being so close from Bacton I then spent the night under canvas at Happisburgh ready for a dawn shot on the beach. The light was awful but just before the rain became too heavy I found a new composition the sky got a bit of definition and I got a shot I’m well chuffed with – felt like a proper landscape photographer. On the way home found some lovely faded wedding flower arrangements on an old wooded church gate (with a great lantern above) so knocked off a dozen or so shots for image libraries – felt like a proper full time professional photographer!
4 days on – 80 odd images uploaded to an image library all rejected because just one in the batch had a technical problem I missed. The closing date was Friday but no email from ‘Take a view’ to say I’m shortlisted. And I’m struggling to balance photography with family life. My confidence has started to ebb away again and I doubt whether I’ll ever crack it as a proper photographer.

Wednesday 13th July 2011 Head vs. Heart – FIGHT!!!
HEAD - If I sit at the computer and upload hundreds of images already taken to libraries and then spend countless hours key wording it will be mind numbingly boring but should generate income. If I do more craft fairs I’ll generate more income and if I find more outlets to sell my work again I’ll make more income, vs. HEART – If I go out every opportunity I can with the camera and take the images I want it will be brilliant. Years ago I used to be all heart (hobbyist) but nowadays I’m getting more and more head (professional) – I know, I know, I said “more and more head”, but please, no sniggering! Anyway earlier in the week I thought I know I’ll check out my images on a photo library – and to my embarrassment I hadn’t uploaded any new work since 2004!!! My HEART sunk and it went straight to my HEAD.

I’ve got a nice new outlet lined up in a quality craft shop opening in Wells-next-the-Sea soon (more to follow in the ‘news’ section in due course). Craft fairs, I work full time and have a great wife and a great 2 year old son – I’m not prepared to miss out on weekends with the family so I’ll not be increasing the number of craft fairs, guess where I’ll be for the foreseeable future then, yes, in front of the computer, But at least it’ll save a fortune in petrol!

Heart, shut up – I’m trying not to listen!

Friday 8th July 2011
Had a great weekend just gone, well if getting up at 03:15 can be described as great! Photographer Gareth Hacon popped round for a BBQ Saturday night, complete with some lovely 'tubby's' sausages, and rather slurpable cider. Next morning it was off to Morston for a shoot (that's where the 03:15 came in - Gareth's idea, and probably something to do with him normally sleeping on the floor in the back of his gallery!)... now then I recon if given a film camera I could still knock off some half decent shots but Gareth is a different league - ok he uses the most upto date equipment on the market - but the chap is pure talent.
As with Mr Gibbs (Chocolate Jon to Ollie, my 2 year old) being on a shoot with Mr Hacon (newly named Sausage Gareth by guess who) really is a treat.

In other news I've finally uploaded my entries to this year's Take A View competition... Really strange how I'm happy with my work right up until it's time to enter a competition - then struggle to find 15 shots I think are good enough. It really does bring you back to earth with a bump when you look at your shots through different eyes.

Friday 1st July 2011
Here I am – blinking cursor on a empty word document trying to write a blog entry (yes my spelling is so bad I have to write it in word for it’s spell check and paste into my website afterwards…!), all that keeps coming into my head are the items I want to mention but what doesn’t come into my head is the fluffy nice bits in between to make up the story. So here goes – a list.
• Asked to photograph Bacton gas terminal at night.
• More cake shots.
• Take a view – this is my year – not!
• Great evening at Brancaster Staithe Last weekend but one.
• Poppies poppies everywhere but not a focal point in sight.

There yah go – much easier! And this is an image from item 4 on the list...

Friday 17th June 2011
Off to Happisburgh tomorrow morning for what could be the last time, or even worse, for what could be too late to be the last time.

Happisburgh beach has got what must be some of the most photogenic and iconic old sea defences in the country, well judging from the number of photographers travelling there from all over the country it has. But, sometime before the end of June work will start to remove these amazing wooded structures – the rationale, they’re an eyesore, health & safety issue and putting off families from visiting the beach..! What’s wrong with that I hear you ask; families enjoying a beach must be a good thing, mustn’t it? Well to get to Happisburgh beach involves descending a large metal 4 flight staircase, which if the spring tide is in descends into the surf. There is a car park granted, but a stroll along an unfenced cliff top away and no toilets..!

Please, why not leave the old sea defences as they are and let them attract visitors from around the country, then, with the money you were going to spend – develop Cart Gap. It’s only a mile or two away, has a car park, has toilets, has a nice gentle sandy slope down to the beach and is ideal for a family day out to the beach..

Anyway rant over, here’s an image to remember Happisburgh by.

Friday 3rd June 2011
Now then I’ve never thought I was more then I am – a landscape photographer with a style liked by some and not others, and one with 3 books published which will never be huge sellers but of which I am proud…

To all those who’ve come up to me at shows and asked me to sign copies of the books you’d brought, to all those artists who requested permission to reproduce a photograph from the book your brought, to all those from other parts of the world who’ve taken the time to contact me to say how much you liked the lovely book somebody took out to you when visiting, to all those who contacted me to say you had brought the book to take to relatives/friends who now live elsewhere in the world (now wouldn’t it be a small world if these where the same people..!), to the local bookshop where I signed a dozen copies and on my last visit a few months ago seemed to only have a couple left, to the large independent department store who had piles of the books in their best sellers section for ages with one being half price, to the gentleman sailor who I learnt drop his copy of the book into the Broads but had loved thumbing through it so much had to buy a replacement and last but not least to all those with a copy of one of the books on your bookshelf – A great big thank you! Oh yes, of course and thank you National Trust for stocking my titles,

As with last year no royalties from ‘Romantic Norfolk’ or ‘The Romantic Norfolk Coast’ again this year but that’s not the be all and end all – It’s great to know people appreciate my work.

Anyway another record month for print sales, May this year around 25% up on last year. Thank you everyone who’s bought!

I leave with the latest image added to the site – Swanage from last month

Friday 13th May 2011
Well back from a holiday/photo shoot on the Dorset Coast – Absolutely brilliant family holiday with open top buses, steam trains, model villages and rock pooling. Absolutely so-so photo shoot with bad light most of the time, a scratched 70-200mm lens (caused by the lens protector shattering – ironic or what!!!), 300’ height differences between the sea and where I had to park (I do live in Norfolk you know, just not used to it!), locations missed and last but not least killer cows! Well they might have been – for a landscape photographer I have an unhealthy fear of cows so was too scared to get close enough to find out.

Did manage to get to Kimmeridge Bay, which I’ve wanted to do for quite a while, the light wasn’t looking to be good for that morning so got there pre-dawn, my rationale – the colour blue is better then no colour at all! Best light was actually on my first evening and staying in Swanage I was at Peveril point. Killer cows – well they were encountered on the way back from Chapmans Pool – and lead to a 300’ intrepid assent off piste!

Thursday 21st April 2011
Had a great shoot last Sunday-

Saturday night Jon Gibbs came over – after tea, a man’s size potion of Alison’s cottage pie, we all decamped to the living room (lounge to some) to lounge on the settees (ah – now I see where the term lounge comes from!). Anyway there we were – rapidly descending into a scene from Grumpy Old Men when, just in the nick of time, immediately after someone was heard to say ‘what is society come too’, we were saved – The IPod launched into Red Barchetta by Rush and off we went – great evening.

Sunday morning it was off to Thornham for high tide and dawn. The light wasn’t dramatic but it was lovely and subtle – and the thing about being with Mr Gibbs is it always makes me want to raise my game!

The tree shot had to be uploaded – who am I to argue with the great man! Until next time Jon, it was a pleasure.

Thursday 14th April 2011
Yet again I’m yearning for the olde days of film…

Don’t get me wrong I’m now well entrenched in digital SLR cameras, and I can’t really ever see me going back to film (commercially just not viable) but…

A couple of months ago I mentioned I was going to trawl through some images from a few years ago and upload more stuff from around the UK. Now in film days this would have been absolutely fine, what ever camera was used and whatever year it was taken it’s very difficult to distinguish one negative or slide from the next. The problem with digital is that even though a Fuji S2 Pro and Canon 30D were excellent cameras of their day the images have, to me, dated really badly. Compared to my 5D the images just look soft and not that good (and that’s the mkI so god only knows what will happen when I get the mkII…!). Probably just me but it seems if you don’t process an image from a digital SLR whilst you still have that camera you never will… a real shame, and something I never experienced with film.

Anyway – you now know why current Norfolk images still litter my ‘Recent Additions’ gallery.

Also going through are images origonally processed whist struggling with a LCD monitor and now revisited using a CRT monitor - and looking much more like it...!

Tuesday 29th March 2011
Well Saturday the 26th March will stick in my memory – the day I could have come a right cropper!

The lovely misty mornings disappeared on Friday so rather then my planned trip to the Norfolk Broads I decided to go to the coast, and with petrol as it is as close to home as possible…

Well I’ve been to Morston Quay hundreds of times and I know that low tide down at the waters edge can be pretty dammed dangerous unless you stick to the shale. Well, this time, one step too far to the left and my leg disappeared into the bottomless mud. Thankfully it was only the one leg the other was on firmer ground luckily. Some swift adaptations to tripod usage and I managed to lever myself out! Then it started – that slightly faint feeling that leaves you needing a poo (sorry if you’re eating)! What if it had been both legs and what if the tide had been on the way in…? I know it sounds melodramatic but at 5:45 in the morning nobody would have heard me shout, being the North Norfolk coast I had no mobile signal and being only 5’ 7” (nearly 8”) my head was way under the high tide water level… I honestly don’t think I would be here today… Oh well I am still here, I still love landscape photography and I quite like the shot I got (no I couldn't have walked further and got the boat more bottom right - that's what got me in the mess in the first place!).

Thursday 24th March 2011
We’ve had morning after misty moisty morning here in rural Norfolk and I can’t get to photograph it till Saturday morning, however I do have a composition all lined up in my mind – just down the road there’s a line of 3 little baby trees all still with reddy/brown leaves from last year, behind them a field away is a coppice of evergreens, which will hopefully still be practically obscured by the mist. As the early morning sun will be behind me it should work (weather permitting as always). That’s Sunday’s shot sorted as on Saturday I’m going to try a misty windmill shot on the Broads (weather permitting as always).

Processing is going much much better now I’m back to a CRT monitor and I’m slowly working my way through forgotten shots from around the country – trouble is the build up of Norfolk shots it’s causing!

Diary filling up nicely now for this year – 9 craft fairs booked (and 2 in reserve) 4 more workshops which are starting to fill up a treat and trips planned to Snowdonia, Dorset Coast, Northumberland Coast and The Peak District – I do still need to put more effort into commercial sales though!

Finally if you find yourselves in Wells-next-the-Sea this weekend please pop in the Saltmarsh Coast Gallery on Staithe Street and see Jon or Gareth – 2 very talented landscape photographers who, and this is not just because they’re good mates, really do deserve their gallery to be a must see for any visitor to the North Norfolk Coast.

Tuesday 22nd March 2011
This is likely to be the shortest blog entry in history - in 3 words,
I Hate Rugby!

Thursday 17th March 2011
Well trawling though my hard drives for images other then Norfolk has paid off in a very unexpected way - I’ve found a nice Norfolk coast image if that makes sense! What happened was I found a folder of images from a forgotten visit to Old Hunstanton that was saved in the wrong place. I can’t remember the light being this good in Norfolk so it couldn’t have been this year!!!

Off to Happisburgh this weekend for an exceptional high tide but other then that I’m busy trying to record sunrise/tide times and locations for trips to the Dorset and Northumberland coasts in the next few months.

Oh yes St Patrick’s Day or not – Come on England, I more game and it’s Grand Slam time again – well as long as young Mr Wilkinson comes on and turns the game around in minutes like last week it is!

Thursday 3rd March 2011
It’s been a month now since my public statement of intent to process 36 images from around the country – and I’ve managed the grand total of 2! Plumbing problems haven’t helped (the House not me I Hasten to add) but the main problem is the recent scheduling of Six Nations rugby and Masterchef slap bang in the middle of my processing time – Come on BBC you old temptress you – stop it!!
Anyway just before I go I must mention Adam Burton – there yah go done it, and if it wasn’t for the fact that every time I visit his website I feel like ‘why do I bother’ I would have said something nice about him. Joking aside if you’re new to landscape photography and want inspiration you could do far worse then to look at Adam’s work

Tuesday 15th February 2011
Well this week I dabbled with a spot of studio work, which to be honest is a dam site warmer, drier and, if a Norfolk resident so far this year, a hell of a lot better lit then landscape work! The job – photographing cakes for Hannah Rowberry, no pressure then – Hannah not only trained under Gordon Ramsey at Claridges but also won the EDP Food Awards Young Chef of the Future award in 2010.

You might remember last year my CRT monitor died, and I was delighted to replace it with an S-SPS panel LCD monitor – well 7 months of struggling later I’m even more delighted to say this piece of new technology is now up in the loft and I’m chuffed to bits to finally have an old CRT monitor again, nuff said!

Thursday 3rd February 2011
Well guess what – yes, I’ve just uploaded another couple of images of the North Norfolk Coast! Don’t get me wrong as I’ve said many a time before being Norfolk born and bred I do love the North Norfolk Coast – it’s just that I’m turning into a machine – Weekend take pictures of Norfolk Coast, beginning of week process images of Norfolk Coast, end of week upload images of Norfolk Coast onto website… I want a new challenge!
And I’ve found just that – I have a hard drive full of images both from around the UK, and some more abstract ‘arty’ shots. For the next 36 uploads onto the site I’m going to resist the temptation of processing images just taken of the coast and instead process images going back a couple of years (or more).
I will of course still be taking more images of my beloved North Norfolk Coast but my hope is the website will be all the better for a bit more diversity.
So this is it, below is the last Norfolk Coast shot for awhile

Now, changing the subject I just have to let you know about a chap called Nik Hill – Nik works in IT but as I found out by chance earlier this week he is dammed fine photographer. Nik specialises in portrait and wedding work but as you’ll probably agree after seeing the images below I’m sure he could make a living from fine art sales…

Tuesday 4th January 2011
Happy New Year everyone and this is it - 2011, the year I really give photography a big push and see where I end up. December was a record month for me, and gave me a much needed boast. For too long now I feel things have gone well despite my lack of commitment, well not any more - I fully intend to find out just where my photography can take me...
That said my family will always be the most important thing in my life and this has just given me another brilliant Christmas. The picture below was taken on a day out to Wells with wifey, Ollie and his grandparents. As it was a family day out all I had on me was my phone. Must admit, being surrounded by people brandishing there latest Christmas cameras and looking down in contempt at me as a little upstart taking pictures with a phone, I was rather chuffed with the result, and that none of them saw this composition!!! Expensive up to the minute gear isn't the be all and end all guys...!

Tuesday 21st December 2010
Well still haven’t made it out to photograph the snow this year but at last I have the one piece of equipment I need… I normally use a 17-40mm wide angle lens for my shots which is superb on the coast but not so good for Inland Norfolk with it’s ugly hedge rows and ugly trees deformed with ivy. For me the best way to capture Inland Norfolk in winter will be to concentrate on more singular compositions, you know what I mean – A tree and a gate, a single tree in a field of snow, a small group of hoarfrost covered trees etc etc… Well I’ve now got a 70-200 L lens for just that! Finally I can head off into the snow and hopefully capture me a half decent image.
For those who are interested below is the ONLY shot taken in November & December so far… A little group of Movember Moustaches. It’s taken against a white background and over exposed before you ask… And, other then a conversion to B&W, not done in Photoshop!!!
And finally all – A very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Ps the image was taken on self timer so I'm in it myself (hate having my picture taken, even if it's me taking it, so quess which one is me!)

Wednesday 8th December 2010
Well November is over and the moustache has finally gone, shame that after all the annoyance it had to go just as it became soft and strokable! Made a decent amount of cash for charity though.
Photography wise not much to report I’m afraid… Had lots of building work on at home so for over a month my office has been emergency storage for all our kitchen paraphernalia, not able to get to the computer let alone process images! Same with taking the shots, so much upheaval I just haven’t had time to get out once, in fact for a couple of weeks we even had to move out of the house… And yes that does mean I missed out on all that lovely snow and hoarfrost. Well maybe, Back home now and out this weekend to take shots at Kelling Heath if there’s any snow left that is…!

Tuesday 2nd November 2010
This Movember I've decided to donate my face to raising awareness about prostate cancer. My donation and commitment is the growth of a moustache for the entire month of Movember, which I know will generate conversation, controversy and laughter.
Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. One man dies every hour from the disease in the UK. This is a cause that I feel passionately about and I'm asking you to support my efforts by making a donation to The Prostate Cancer Charity. To help, you can either: Click this link and donate online using your credit card or PayPal account, Or, send cheques and CAF vouchers (made payable to 'The Prostate Cancer Charity Re Movember') directly to The Prostate Cancer Charity, First Floor, Cambridge House, Cambridge Grove, London W6 0LE. Be sure to include the person's name on the back of the cheque.
The Prostate Cancer Charity will use the money raised by Movember for the development of programs related to awareness, public education, advocacy, support of those affected, and research into the prevention, detection, treatment and cure of prostate cancer.
For more details on the impact Movember is having please visit Movember.
Thank you in advance for helping me to support men's health.

Tuesday 19th October 2010
Well happy now, well almost... All these people come from all over the country to photography the beach at Happisburgh and it's always annoyed me that these interlopers get better light then I, a local manages to get! WELL NOT ANY MORE! On Sunday the light was wonderful...

Now for the Well almost bit...I hate ‘puters… Well actually I hate not knowing much about them… I always shot in RAW and until recently have solely processed my images in Lightroom only then using Photoshop for removing dust. Well, ever since I got my new LCD monitor I’ve processed as before (Contrast Curve, Dodge & Burn, White Balance and a touch of Saturation) but when going into Photoshop the contrast had gone and the image looked flat and dark again… No boover I thought I’ll add a contrast curve again.
Well it turns out the image from lightroom is absolutely fine when printed, and the images I’ll reprocessed in Photoshop look way too heavy.
No idea what’s causing it but at least I now know not to trust the image I see in photoshop! Trouble is I need to re-visit lots of images.

Friday 15th October 2010
Meet my mate Gareth Hacon at Thornham Sunday morning, Kate and I had a workshop there and with a really high 4.1mtr tide expected it was too good an opportunity for Gareth to resist. In fact the tide was so high for awhile it severely restricted the choice of composition and completely blocked in the cars. Never mind whilst waiting we were joined by another ‘tog’ (hate that word but as I’ve only just learnt what it means I’m determined to use it a bit!), Rick Bowden, a dam good landscape photographer from Norwich, we chatted the time away over tea and sausage rolls until the tide had subsided a bit.

Well book number 3 is out and I have my ‘author copies’, to be honest (and you won’t read this in the more business like sections of the website) I’m not as excited as I had hoped. I wanted the book to be a stunner… I had dedicated it to Ollie my 2 year old son so I really wanted it to be something he would be proud of his old dad for in the future. I had supplied a good selection of panoramic images and to be honest if they had told me from the start they wanted some to be square I would have taken compositions to suit. I just don’t think that all the images cropped square for use in the book work! Oh well what I know about publishing it will probably end up a best seller!

Tuesday 5th October 2010
Has it really been over two months since my last blog! It does however give an insight as to how I'm feeling about landscape photography at the moment. I know I shouldn't, the workshops are going well, gallery sales are way up on last year (thank you Hare & Hen) and my third book is due out towards the end of this month but I really am frustrated... I just can't seem to get the shots I want! A lot of it is a lack of time behind the camera but increasingly it is also a need to discover new pastures. Hopefully the shorter days of autumn will give me fresh opportunities to travel a little further afield.

Friday 23rd July 2010
A weekend of chores beckons, payback! Last weekend I got out twice, once inland and once on my beloved coast, both times in the company of cracking landscape photographer Jon Gibbs. I'm not sure but I think my flower arranging may have made a lasting impression!!!

Remember last time I mentioned I needed a new cable release.... Well I now need a new cable release and a new Lee 2 stop soft grad, double doh!

Wednesday 14th July 2010
Well yesterday my new monitor turned up and I can now crack on with a backlog of processing... The first one (below) has been done, this is the one mentioned in my last blog!
Need a new shutter release cable again.... Another one dies after a quick dip in the sea, Doh!

Wednesday 7th July 2010
Haven't been on here for a while... Why I hear you ask! Simple I recon that not turning on my PCs for a week or two has cut the ruddy heat down in my house from completely and utterly unbearable to just utterly unbearable... At last that damed awful heat seems to have gone!
New monitor sorted... Got me one of those S-SPS panel LCDs, can't wait, should be hear Monday. Photography wise I got to Wells for dawn last weekend... The tide was low enough to allow me into the estuary and boy was I lucky with the light... When the monitor gets here I can process the shots and get them on the site.

Tuesday 15th June 2010
More of a grump then a blog this time I'm afraid.... Haven't been out with the camera for ages... That cracking poppyfield just down the road, the one I've been waiting for the right sky and light with, yep heavy rain on Sunday night and it's completely wiped out... Finally and by far the worst of all my trusty old CRT monitor has packed up... Gutted... Need to find another, and quick!!!

Friday 28th May 2010
The last time I wnt out with the camera was exactly 1 month ago. Come hell or high water I'm out at sunset today... I've been told of a couple of old barges aground on the North Norfolk Coast, if the tide is right there should be enough water for a nice reflection, all I need to do now is pray for a decent sky and decent light...

Friday 21st May 2010
Shall I shan’t I, Shall I shan’t I…. I Shall…. I know… Now I’ve gone and mentioned it out loud the image will be tinny and not one I like, but sod it, I’m as proud as punch anyway….
Last year I was commissioned by Rooms Outdoor to photography a superb garden room and landscaped garden they had produced for a client in North Norfolk. Well yesterday I got an email from them to say the Sunday Times had chosen them for a garden room feature in this Sunday’s paper. The Times had asked for one of my images to use in the feature…. As you can guess I am chuffed to bits…
Ps if on Sunday the paperboy doesn’t deliver your copy of the Sunday Times it’s probably because my mum has bought up all the copies…! I apologise in advance.

Wednesday 12th May2010
Just got back from holiday with the family (so camera equipment stayed in it's bag), went to North Wales... Note to self, I must photograph further afield! I do love the Norfolk Coast don't get me wrong... But I really must get into those there hills as often as I can this year, with the camera this time! Norfolk is a great county, rape seed, barley and wheat are very nice, and the bits of the Broads you can actual get to, very nice indeed. but none of it compares to hills, mountains and valleys...

Thursday 29th April 2010
Good night last night. On Sunday I popped in to see Gareth Hacon at his and Jon Gibb's gallery in Wells next the Sea(Cracking gallery in Staithe Street and always worth a plug! I digress). Anyway Gareth mentioned that high tide at Wells last night would be 3.5mtrs and around sunset time. i decided to try East Quay, got there a around 7:15pm and boy was the water high! I just managed to wade out to where I wanted to shoot from with the water lapping millimetres from the top of my wellies, but well worth it, got a nice selection of shots including some lovely pink in the sky at around 8:45pm.

Tuesday 20th April 2010
Another cracking morning at Happisburgh on Sunday. Our ‘one-to-one' client wasn’t getting there until just before sunrise so I decided to arrive at 5am, it was well worth the early start (who said landscape photography was easy, my alarm went off at 3:30am). I managed a complete series of images, ranging from early morning blues at 5:15am through to warmer orange tones as the sun started to come up. All have a really calm feel to them, and more importantly, not one vapour trail… All I need to do now is process them! The sunrise it’s self was amazing, I hastily got our client to put his 70-300mm lens on his camera and at 300mm got him a superb image of a huge orange sun above an empty sea. This made me think… Currently I’m only using a 17-40mm on a 5D and a 50mm prime on an old 30D, about time I looked at adding a 100-400mm to my kit for just this type of shot. With the value of the pound as it is Ebay here I come…

Wednesday 14th April 2010
Well I finally got a square format shot I like from Happisburgh. On Saturday Kate and myself had a one-to-one workshop starting from there at sunrise. I managed to get there a few minutes early and get a shot in the bag before they turned up, I also managed a nice panoramic which I'll again keep as a reserve for the book. We have another one-to-one this Sunday and again it's from Happisburgh. I'm getting there 1/2 an hour early and hope to get a shot or two.

Tuesday 6th April 2010
Yesterday was really good in the end. The sky started to clear at around 5:30pm so I made the short drive up to Blakeney again (for the second time that day). Had a really good sky this time and the tide was just perfect for those 3 little old posts just off the end of the quay. I managed to get a selection of shots I’m happy with, including both a panoramic and square composition. Happy Bunny (no Easter pun intended, honest)!

Monday 5th April 2010
Finally got out with the camera this morning. Got to Blakeney at 6:00am with a promising band of orange just coming on the horizon... Could have gone either way. 10 second sunrise, then grey, then rain, then left... On Saturday morning I was running a 'one to one' workshop with Kate so the camera had to stay in it's bag, wonderful strong light and superb stormy sky... Typical.!!! I did get one shot however, right at the end of the workshop we were in the old ruin at St Benet's Abbey. Lots of old graffiti on the walls including a heart shape, which somebody had recently coloured in with pink chalk. This looked wonderful against the old green stained stone walls of the abbey. I always keep a camera body with a f1.8 50mm fixed lens for just these occassions.

Tuesday 30th March 2010
Junior had a good two & half hour snooze yesterday afternoon so I managed to get a bit done, including processing a couple more 'just in-case' panoramics for the book. These are now on the website but I will decide whether or not to use them in the book once I've seen the proofs. As I've said before I now want to concentrate on square formats as much as I can. With more and more togs selling their prints I want to try and stay one step ahead. Hopefully if they find composing square shots half as difficult as I do it should be a market place far less crowded! I hope to process another taken at Holkham later on today. Then onto boring stuff (even more boring then processing that is), My plan this year was to reduce the number of craft fairs and instead increase submissions to magazines and image libraries. So far I've done the easy bit but not the latter.

Monday 29th March 2010
Well to be honest Sunday could have gone a lot better, never made it out with the camera again... The problem is if I don't get everything ready the night before there's no way I can leave early in the morning without disturbing my light sleeping wifey, and equally light sleeping 18 month old toddler Ollie. It just didn't happen. The next 3 weekends I have workshops on so who knows when I can try again. The frustrations of a landscape photographer!!!

Friday 26th March 2010
Not much to say today... Decided to set up a blog a few moments ago and now no idea what to put...! Oh yeah, off to Happisburgh for dawn on Sunday. I’ve started to take shots for square format prints recently (trying again to be a little bit different) and eventually plan to have a have a gallery of these images on the site covering all of the Norfolk Coast, but to try and build a bit of exclusivity in limited to just one or two shots per location. I love Happisburgh so that's my next mission... It's high tide at dawn on Sunday so I could get something really dramatic, or I could get very wet and grumpy. I'll let you know how I get on.