Collectors Gallery

What is the Collectors Gallery?

In 2004 I started selling my photographs and since then quite a few have become firm favorites of mine... Problem is as many of these shots had been taken on cameras now deemed to be 'old hat' I stupidly drop them in favor of selling images produced from the bigger files of modern equipment!

The Collectors Gallery is a small selection of my favorite images from my early days as a landscape photographer, and solely ones which in my opinion now work in a square format!

One of the cameras used in the past was a Fuji s2 pro but despite this producing prints to 4ft wide in the past I have acknowledged that things have now moved on a tad and therefore I've decided to sell all the prints in this gallery as a framed 'miniature' only, at a print size of 4"x 4", mounted and then framed in a deep recess white or black frame.

As with the rest of my website if any of the images in this gallery had previously been sold in a 3:2 format as limited additions then that limited edition run will still be honored. The square image will be withdrawn from sale once the original print run is complete.