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Over the past few years my style has changed. Going back quite a few years and my images were notoriously dark and moody, followed by a long period of heavily saturated with high contrast, over the last couple of years though I have developed a softer and less colourful style. Throughout this progression there has always been a splattering of Black & White images and going back to my pre-digital days I always used to carry a camera body around loaded with Ilford Black & White film.

I like to challenge myself, most noticeably back in 2015 when I decided to go purely square format. So time for another challenge! This time I have decided that going forward I will concentrate solely on Black & White photographs.
Norfolk Coast - monochrome portfolio The UK Coast - monochrome portfolio The UK landscape - monochrome portfolio
Monochrome Corner portfolio
Norfolk Coast - colour portfolio Scotland - colour portfolio Colour Corner portfolio