Oliver Duckett Photography's Galleries (now age 9!)

Oliver Duckett Photography
(Shortlisted in the junior section of Landscape Photographer of the Year 2017)

When 7 year Ollie wanted to help me with my photography we together came up with a cunning plan!. These galleries are Ollie's photographs, all his own work, and he chooses which images go on the site. Every image is for sale, at £1 each for a 6"x4" print, which goes directly into Ollie's Pocket Money!
"So I can by a Snoopy toy!" - (Tick)
"So I can buy a 'Hookfang' from Build a Bear!" - (Tick)
"So I can buy a 'Barf and Belch' toy from Build a Bear - !!!" - (Tick)
--- I am waiting to hear want's next on Ollie's wish list! ---

I would personally like to thank Jeanette and David at The Norfolk Gallery, Wroxham Barns, Norfolk. It's not many 8 year olds who have their photography for sale in an art gallery but thanks to the wonderful generosity of Jeanette and David, Ollie is one of them! Not only that but he's sold more framed prints then his poor old Dad!

Ollie's Landscapes Gallery portfolio Oliver's Animals Gallery portfolio Ollie's Plants and Flowers Gallery portfolio
Ollie's Arty Gallery portfolio